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The private medical cardiological practice


in  the  Center  of  Düsseldorf

tele monitor and tele medicine



The telecardiology is a patient-friendly form of care, which allows the physician to have a view at your health between your visits at the practice of your doctor.


For you, as a cardiac patient with pacemaker, or ICD (implanted cardiac defibrillators), the advantages are obvious: your heart activity is monitored continuously without you noticing. As long as your treatment system like the peacemaker or ICD is functioning properly, you can reduce your doctor's visits to a minimum and remain in case of any complications yet safe and well cared for.


Depending on the telemonitoring system access your data comes to various ways to your doctor. Some systems transmit information by mobile network, other via the fixed line to a data center (service center) and from there to the doctor. Events such as arrhythmias and system anomalies are communicated directly to the physician and not revealed until the next routine inspection. So your doctor may promptly respond and contact you.


Large current studies from the year 2013 show a significant improvement for patients with telemonitoring with respect to a worsening of heart failure or mortality.


Dr. med. Danny T. Nguyen

Friedrichstr. 13-15

40217 Düsseldorf   

phones: 0049 (211) 830 850 50

fax:       0049 (211) 830 850 52



opening times:
Mo, Tu and Th:     08:00 - 18:00
We and Fr:           08:00 - 12:00
and by appointment



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