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The private medical cardiological practice


in  the  Center  of  Düsseldorf

sonography of the thyroid and abdomnal organs



In this study, both thyroid lobes are represented and calculated size and volume (women up to 18 ml in men up to 25 ml).


The structure of the thyroid is under investigation. Nodes or other structural changes can be recognized. In addition, various abnormal changes can be detected and controlled to some extent in their course.

These include, for example:

- Goiter (goiter): an enlargement of the entire thyroid gland or of individual parts of this organ. There are various causes for such enlargement.

- Cysts: a kind of liquid-filled vesicles with one or more chambers.

- Node: growths within the thyroid gland.

The examination usually takes a few minutes and is done while lying down. Patient preparation is not necessary.

Dr. med. Danny T. Nguyen

Friedrichstr. 13-15

40217 Düsseldorf   

phones: 0049 (211) 830 850 50

fax:       0049 (211) 830 850 52



opening times:
Mo, Tu and Th:     08:00 - 18:00
We and Fr:           08:00 - 12:00
and by appointment



With the sonography of abdominal organs internal organs of the abdomen can be examined. There are liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, pancreas and large abdominal vessels for display and judged with respect to their location, size and structure, and so pathological changes are detected.

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