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The private medical cardiological practice


in  the  Center  of  Düsseldorf

sleep apnea diagnostic



You are tired during the day. Your sleep is not restful, although it should be sufficient. You suffer from fatigue during the day and concentration disorder. At night you are sweating often wet and have choking sensations, you also have to frequently urinate.


Your partner complains of loud snoring and sleep disorders and worries about the long pauses in breathing. Your blood pressure is barely adjustable , ...


If you can relate some of these statements to yourself , there is a strong suspicion of a sleep-related breathing dysregulation in terms of sleep apnea syndrome.

To further diagnostic outpatient investigation should be conducted by a screening device.


By appointment at our center first few tests are performed to rule out other cause of the symptoms. After training in the handling of the device, the frequency and duration of apnea, snoring, oxygen saturation and pulse rate is recorded at night. The next day, the evaluation is carried out.


Should there is a pathological result, there is the possibiilty for an appointment in the sleep laboratory of the  Facharzt Zentrum Düseldorf

Dr. med. Danny T. Nguyen

Friedrichstr. 13-15

40217 Düsseldorf   

phones: 0049 (211) 830 850 50

fax:       0049 (211) 830 850 52



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