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The private medical cardiological practice


in  the  Center  of  Düsseldorf

Doppler and closure pressure measurement :

The claudication (intermittent claudication called) typically occurs in the so-called peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD).

These are caused by narrowing or blocking of the distal arteries and cause the typical pain in the calves when walking.

Most arteriosclerosis is the cause of discomfort.


Doppler wedge pressure measurement is a simple screening method. The Test has been done to estimate the total cardiovascular risk in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease, and to assess the hemodynamic compensation and to follow the course.


This is done using blood pressure measurements on both arms and legs Values ​​of the so-called ABI (ankle-brachial index) of> 1 normally close from a circulatory disorder.


Dr. med. Danny T. Nguyen

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