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The private medical cardiological practice


in  the  Center  of  Düsseldorf

check ups


Scope of services:

Holistic prevention for optimal health promotion,

the scope of the health check- ups at a glance:


preliminary joint meeting

of the detailed medical questionnaire to / for

- Family History

- own pre-existing illness

- current complaints

- Levels of stress and lifestyle


Explanation of the planned investigations


Detailed internal medicine physical examination



- extensive blood test

- Urine and stool test


Cardiovascular studies

- Color Doppler ultrasound of the heart

- Lung function testing at rest

- ECG at rest

- Exercise ECG as a sports medicine performance diagnostics


Ultrasound examination of the internal organs, abdominal organs and the thyroid



- measurement of the inner layer thickness IMT at the carotid arteries

- Color duplex ultrasound of the brain arteries


Eyes and ears

- Testing visual acuity in the near and far field

- Testing of hearingfinal interview


Result Meeting

- Assessment of current health status and future health potential

- Evaluation of heart attack and stroke risk

- Assessment of burnout and stress hazard competence

- Individual, specific recommendations on diet, exercise, stress management and

- Burnout prevention

- Recommendations for Cancer


Prevention final report

- understandable explanation of the findings

- Summary of the results of treatment proposals and recommendations for health promotion



In need endoscopy (gastroscopy, colonoscopy ) , CT (computed tomography) , MRI (magnetic resonance imaging ) ...

Dr. med. Danny T. Nguyen

Friedrichstr. 13-15

40217 Düsseldorf   

phones: 0049 (211) 830 850 50

fax:       0049 (211) 830 850 52



opening times:
Mo, Tu and Th:     08:00 - 18:00
We and Fr:           08:00 - 12:00
and by appointment



In the medical center Duesseldorf there are 15 specialists from diverse disciplines (internal medicine, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, neurosurgery, pain management, ophthalmology, psychology, psychotherapy, naturopathy, nutritional medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, sleep medicine ...) for your check-ups, so that there is always a specialist for some specific investigation available for you.

The team at the check- up center

Dr. med. Danny T. Nguyen

Specialist in internal medicine Cardiology

Health promotion and prevention

Nutritional medicine

Dr. med. Charlotte Brinkmeyer

Specialist for Internal Medicine


Dr. med. Artur Schikowski

Specialist in Neurology

Special Pain Therapy

Dr. med. Andrea Birkhahn

Specialist for Internal Medicine


Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. med. Babette Fölsch-Reetz

Specialist in Neurology

Doctor of Naturopathic

Medicine Doctor of Acupuncture

Sleep Medicine

Viktor Barski

Specialist in Neurology

Sleep Medicine

Dr. med. Ulrich Hülsmann

Specialist in Neurosurgery

Dr. Dr. med. Mehmet Pak
Specialist in Physiology

Dr. med. C. Lin
Doctor of Traditional

Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Dr. med. Dimitri Barski
Specialist in Urology

Fellow of European Board

of Urology

Natalie Barski
Specialist in Ophthalmology Neuro-Ophthalmology

Dr. med. Markus Michels
Specialist for psychiatry psychotherapy

Check- up fee


The fee for our check- up is calculated based on the fee schedule for physicians (GOA). For most of our patients, the employer shall bear the cost of check- ups. Of course, you can also take a self-pay on our services. We provide care at the highest medical level with recognized experts, who carry out your studies and advanced equipment, the latest the enable diagnostic procedures in order to receive benefits, that go far beyond the current regulatory standards.

With most health insurance screening as a "performance on demand" within the meaning of § 12 (3) classified the medical fee schedule and are therefore not medically necessary but reasonable medical services. In this case there is no fundamental eligibility under the general insurance conditions.

If you want to submit the check-up costs with your private health insurance, please clarify from a possible reimbursement in advance. We will send you a list of the expected medical fee schedule services.

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